A fun little Global Game Jam® game representing what home means to us, made with Unity. Programming done by Cory Smith, Nick Magnus, and Gabe Troyan; Art by Jocelyn Bedell and Vahan Ionnisian.

SSS is a one-on-one platform-fighter wherein you and a friend control two brothers hell-bent on beating the piss out of each other with various toys and objects. For extra, familial effect, playing the game involves sharing a keyboard. (Controller support may come at a later date.) In the menus, you can customize colors and—like any good fighting game—adjust your turbo setting. As each sibling gets beat up, they build up rage. At 100%, they throw a tantrum and lose the round. The rounds go on indefinitely, so play to your heart’s content!

Controls are as follows:

ControlPlayer 1Player 2
Pick up/ChuckB0/Ins
Pick up/LobN./Del

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