Original concept by Julia Wolniewicz
Art by Julia Wolniewicz and Briea Dowse
Design by Kat Boone
Produced by Austen London
Programmed by Gabe Troyan

Intended to be played with a Thrustmaster™ wheel accessory. As such, many of the prompts won't apply.

Press Enter(Return) or Space to start
Press either start key or Pause/Break to pause and unpause
Press either start key to confirm selections
Navigate with either WASD or Arrow keys
Skip the cutscene with End
Press Q to toggle camera views
Press E to cycle between mini-map sizes



“The First" by Scott Gratton
“Russian Satellite" by Kinematic


Comic Neue, Pricedown, Montserrat


Grand Theft Artist 96 MB
Grand Theft Artist.apk 85 MB

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