A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The Team

Artists: Jason Cotugno, Kylie O’Keefe, Jody Briggs

Designers: Kayla Miskiv, Josh Lanham, Sam Woodrick

Producers: Austen London, Brandon Schlossberg

Programmers: Gabe Troyan, Thomas Ota-McGillicuddy

Sonic Arts: Jake Buzzell, Jody Briggs

Basic Controls (Gamepad)

Jump: x (A)

Glide[in air]: x + hold x (A + hold A)

Move: Left Stick

Camera Controls: Right Stick

ʻUkulele Mode: L1 (LB)

For KB+M: 

Jump/Glide: Spacebar

Move: WASD

Camera Controls: Mouse

‘Ukulele Mode: Left Shift

There aren't any helpful icons to match, but for ‘Ukulele Mode, Spacebar is A, Right Click is B, Left Click is Y, and Middle Click is X.


‘Ukulele Me‘e Mac 205 MB
‘Ukulele Me‘e